Introducing Eldarion Cloud

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If you follow Eldarion at all, or have previously seen anything about our recently announced open-source, DevOps PaaS called Kel™, you know Eldarion Cloud was never a secret. Well, now it’s official. And available.

Introducing Eldarion® Cloud, our commercial implementation of Kel plus expert, white-glove services that enable you to focus your development resources on your applications, not your application infrastructure.

Eldarion Cloud is powered by Kubernetes, CoreOS and Docker running on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — in my opinion, the most important infrastructure technologies to emerge in the last few years.

While Eldarion Cloud is a new offering, it is based on 7-plus years of commercial DevOps PaaS experience with a product we called Gondor. In fact, in many respects, Eldarion Cloud is the next generation of Gondor.

And it’s already been battle-tested in a number of live deployments by Gondor users who’ve already migrated to Eldarion Cloud.

Why Kubernetes (CoreOS, Docker and GCP)?

As you may already know, Kubernetes is the wildly-popular, open-source container orchestration system developed by Google. It’s based on a decade and a half of their experience running production workloads. And, we like it. A lot.

  • Its architecture is very flexible
  • Its APIs are easy to work with
  • And it’s massively scalable (Google calls it “planet scale”)

Kubernetes allows us to offer you future-proof scalability plus compatibility with many existing and emerging tools and technologies.

Kubernetes allows us to offer you future-proof scalability plus compatibility with many existing… Click To Tweet

CoreOS is the purpose-built, lightweight, container operating system for Docker applications. It was developed by a team of former Rackspace and Google DevOps pros. It provides us with a lean, purpose-built (for Docker), infrastructure-independent system that enables us to easily meet our customers’ business continuity and redundancy goals. Docker has emerged as the de facto way to containerize modern web applications. I recommend this ZD Net article for background.

For public cloud deployments Google Cloud Platform is the obvious first choice for web applications built on the Kubernetes stack, however if you require Azure or AWS we’re open to having that discussion.

We’re also happy to discuss private or hybrid clouds, and on-premises deployments.

Why is everything open source?

There’s no need to enumerate the well-known advantages of open-source software here. Suffice it to say we’re huge open-source believers here at Eldarion and in the DevOps world (which is largely comprised of developers) it’s more or less a table-stakes requirement these days.

We’re committed to using OSS components whenever possible, and to contributing our original works to the OSS community wherever and whenever it makes sense.

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Final Thoughts

We are very excited to be introducing a truly unique DevOps PaaS solution that’s specifically designed to address the unmet needs of startups, SMBs and product teams within larger organizations who would otherwise have to wait in line for corporate DevOps resources.

Contact us if you’d like schedule a meeting with us to learn more; follow us on Twitter; or, add yourself to the Eldarion Cloud mailing list.

You can also find me on Twitter via @jtauber.

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