Goodbye Gondor / Hello Kel and the Eldarion Cloud

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As you may have heard, Eldarion is moving Gondor, its DevOps PaaS for Python / Django applications to Kubernetes—the open-source container orchestration platform originally developed by Google. Kubernetes allows us to greatly expand scalability, enabling us to offer support for more technology stacks as well as private cloud, public cloud and on-premise versions.

Eldarion will be open sourcing this work in a project named Kel™.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Kel open-source project, please sign up on

For existing Gondor customers this is great news. You’ll get the same high-quality PaaS services from Eldarion you’re accustomed to today with Gondor on a new, more scalable platform built with the fastest-growing container orchestration platform — Kubernetes. We will do most of the work to move you over if you wish, and most changes will be totally transparent to you. It’s largely under the covers.

In addition, anyone will be able to build Kel into their DevOps environment on their own via the corresponding open-source project.

What does this mean for existing Gondor customers?

Our current plan is to end support for Gondor on September 2nd of this year. In its place, we will be offering a new service called Eldarion® Cloud.

Eldarion Cloud will be a Kel-based offering supported by white-glove, high-touch application hosting and managed DevOps with an initial focus on Python / Django applications. This service will provide you with all the power, flexibility and scalability of the Kel open source platform, along with levels of service and support for your application environment that you won’t find with other PaaS offerings.

However, Eldarion will not be offering low-cost, entry-level options under $500 as we currently do with Gondor. Organizations who wish to spend less than $500 are encouraged to consider using Kel in its open source form, or seek out other offerings to support their needs. Everyone else is encouraged to consider migrating to Eldarion Cloud. We think it’s the perfect fit for current Gondor users, and one we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

For more information on Eldarion Cloud, please see or contact us at

Whether you’re migrating from Gondor to Eldarion Cloud, need consulting services on performance optimizations, or custom application development, Eldarion stands ready to help you with all aspects of running your web applications.

We would like to thank our existing Gondor customers for their dedication and support to the Gondor platform over the past five years. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have about the sunsetting of Gondor, or the new and exciting offerings we’re developing around the Kubernetes platform. We look forward to hearing from you.

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